A couple hundred emails, whatsapps and the odd phone calls later, Tim made that step, booked that ticket and got his ass to RSA. A month of hunting across the country, eating strange foods, pronouncing even stranger names and doing taxidermy in between left him with a smorgasbord of memories I’m sure he will hang […]

A few more pics from the Farm-Cams over the last 2-3 weeks. We had some nice rains, so some of the waterholes filled up too.

Wow, it’s been a busy busy few weeks! There aren’t enough hours in the day to squeeze in work and play. In brief it has been an amazing wing-shooting season so far. It seems like there are more wildfowl around this year than ever! Old shoot locations that were fun for an afternoon of bagging  […]

What a great start to the year! Waking up on new years day in the Northern bushveld, lush hot and humid. Heading out with the .22 to collect some doves for the stew. Checking on the impala in the cooler and removing a nice piece of backstrap and wondering whether to just add some salt […]

So while the cool kids were out doing whatever cool kids do on a balmy Saturday night in the silly season in our beautiful city, I was in my boxers pimping my old beat-up Franchi shotgun on the kitchen counter ( sound nasty enough?). I bought this gun in France years ago, 2nd hand. With […]

Having not succeeded at bagging a Whitetail deer with my bow in South Dakota (despite an incredibly enjoyable hunt, see previous blogpost) I was not going to miss out on the opportunity to hunt one of North America’s other popular game animals, the wild Turkey! The woods of Connecticut are home to thousands of Eastern […]

With a hunt as memorable as this one, I thought that as opposed to writing a long article, I’d post a chronological picture gallery instead. Or at least a bunch of pics and less of the writing part 😉 South Dakotas’ state flag should be a blaze orange rectangle with a Pheasant flying through it. […]

Another great Rock pigeon and Dove shoot in the Cape wheat-lands, 30 minutes out of town! If you used to get carsick as a kid, don’t watch this video 😉    

I packed the pigeons in the fridge, dumped guns and bow in the office and hit the pillow just after 9:30 pm, passed out after an action packed day of sun and outdoor activities! The 2nd 3-D shoot held at Günther Krämers farm on the N7, and organized by Du Toit and Günther was an […]

There’s preparation. There’s equipment. There’s planning. However, if I’ve learnt one thing from years of hunting, then it’s that LUCK is probably the biggest deciding factor in the success of any hunt. You can get fitter than a buck in the rut, hit a chipmunk in the eye at 300 meters, and carry only the […]